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So... why Blackpool?

So... why Blackpool?

Wednesday 4th July 2018
Mike - Cavendish Hotel

Welcome to the blog!

"So... why Blackpool?"

This is a question we have been asked many times... here are a few thoughts :)

There is always something to see, enjoy or take part in in Blackpool. If you have never been here you might not know what to expect. So this blog is for you. Firstly Matthew and I would point out that Blackpool has more visitors per year than Benidorm. Over half a million holiday makers come to Blackpool every year all seeking that perfect break. Blackpool Council do a great job keeping the town clean, safe and organised. Yes organised because with that many visitors the way the town works has to work for everyone.

I first arrived here in 2012 and started to explore. Matthew has been coming to Blackpool for years and has seen many changes in the town. Blackpool's motto is 'progress' and over the time I have been here the town continues to reinvent itself whilst keeping the best from it's past.

So don't be surprised to see a Vegan Hotel on the prom as you pass by on the oldest tram network in the world. Oh but... hmm Blackpool Transport has brand new, state of the art, highly efficient Bombardier trams running the full length of the system from Fleetwood to Starr Gate Depot but they also have the charming machines that were at the forefront of their class going back to more than a century.

So that is exactly it. Blackpool is unique because it is always different.

Where to start?

There are three main areas on the 7 mile promenade: North Shore, Central and the South Shore. Each has a clear identity of its' own but together they make this resort so varied that people return year upon year.

The South Shore

Home of Pleasure Beach Amusement Park, South Pier and the Sandcastle Waterpark. Great for families because of the fairground type feel. Lively and a vital part of entertaining Blackpool's many guests. Probably easier to take the tram from here. The stop is just a 1 min walk away on the prom and the journey is around 20 mins to the Pleasure Beach.

Central (The Golden Mile)

Central is the original "Golden Mile." Here the attractions compete for your attention; The Grand Theatre, The Winter Gardens, The Tower and the Headlands entertainment area. There is so much to see and do and the constantly there is something new. This year Brittany Spears will be performing (1.9.18) but Strictly Come Dancing will be just as much of a draw to the area. Great eateries, lively bars and good shopping is all part of Central. You would get the tram to the Tower or it is a 10 minute walk along Dickson Rd.

North Shore

North Shore arguably has the most elegant beach situated below the cliffs with the multi-level Promenade allowing access. It is a quieter area but very close to Central. In some ways it is the best of all worlds to our guests. Great transport links, easy access, and a restful place to retire to after a busy day - or night in Blackpool. The North Pier is the oldest of Blackpool's three piers and is a focus for many events. I would seriously recommend viewing the Blackpool Airshow (Aug 11th/12th August) and the World Fireworks Championship (they launch the displays from the North Pier each Friday in September) from this area. The vibrant and diverse Dickson Road is the location of the World Famous "Funny Girls" cabaret show and many smaller venues that present lively and fun entertainment tailored to more grown up or diverse tastes.

So there you are. This is where we are. There is far more to see and do than I can include in one blog but if you haven't been here then look again. The Kiss Me Quick hats are long gone and Blackpool really does have something for everyone.

Oh and if you are looking for a clean, comfy and cosy B& B then I reckon we might be saying hello sometime soon. Well we hope so!


Matthew & Mike - Cavendish Hotel, Blackpool