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Sunday 29th July 2018
Mike - Cavendish Hotel


I have been having a right old chinwag with some of the Cavendish Hotel's regulars.

Lovely people btw, but I am stunned to find that quite a few don't use the amazing Blackpool Transport network. Now I know that you can walk from here to the Tower in under 15 minutes and to the beach in two (remember the North End is high above that pristine sand so one of those minutes is going down to the lower prom after taking in the great views.) However we are placed between Pleasant Street tram stop and Egerton Square bus stop.

So how does it work? Well for £5.50 you can buy a 24 hour ticket on the buses or trams that will give you full access on all Blackpool Transport's stuff. There are three day tickets, week tickets and group tickets too, but you know what? If you try to buy the wrong one the tram conductors will actually sell you a cheaper one that you should have asked for. They're good folk round 'ere. :D

So at the South end is Starr Gate... end of the line and you would need to transfer on to a 7 or 11 bus to go to St. Annes or Lytham. Your day ticket covers it and just walk in the same direction that the tram was going and in about 100 yards across the road there is the bus stop. True you can't take the Stagecoach buses without paying extra but you'd be in the delightful St. Annes in about 15 minutes. Might I recommend the Seafarer Restaurant for yummy fish and chips.

On the other hand you could head north to Cleveleys... nice stroll down to the front through the shops or Fleetwood. Now Fleetwood is a fair distance so plan an excursion, but Affinity, the outlet centre (Fisherman's Wharf stop - turn to your right and nip behind Asda to see Affinity over the road... all in all about 300 yards) is worth a visit or carry on to the ferry and enjoy a very gentle place.

Of course I have to mention the buses. The 3 and 4 run from Egerton Square to Cleveleys and the stop is 100 yards from the Cavendish. However I like the 20 which only runs in high season from by the Tower and goes to the lovely Stanley Park and Blackpool Zoo. It just takes ten mins to get there and is on that ticket too.

Want to go to the Pleasure Beach and ride the new £16.25 million pound roller coaster "Icon?" One minute walk to Pleasant St. tram stop with a tram every ten minutes and once on board you'll be there in flash. No parking to think about just off the tram, cross the prom and you're there.

Finally, if you are really adventurous you could explore some of the beautiful countryside around Blackpool. A short walk to Blackpool North Station (4 minutes from the Cavendish on foot) and for less than £4 get a return to Poulton-le-Fylde (pictured above.) It is just two stops and around five minutes to get there. A lovely place with quaint shops, lovely pubs and well worth an afternoon out.

Many folks come here for the Golden Mile and all those dazzling seaside attractions but with six and a half miles of promenade, St. Annes and Lytham, Fleetwood and the gorgeous countryside around here there could be a whole different way to enjoy the beautiful Fylde Coast.

Of course at the Cavendish we would love to point in the right direction. :D

Come see :)