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Friday 3rd August 2018
Mike - Cavendish Hotel

As you may have surmised Matthew and I took over the Cavendish Hotel in March. It is a wonderful adventure running a hotel and something we had talked about doing for quite a while. But what makes a good hotel? We can't change the building, or the location. To my mind however we are in a great place with the tram stop just a minute away and the lovely North Shore our home.

There is something else. We took on the Cavendish from Roy and Christine. They had made this place over thirty years of work. They made its reputation and transformed this Victorian House into something unique. The picture is the oldest one I could find online... we are somewhat different now but with the same cosy feel.

Today I checked in some guests who have been coming here for many years. They were all excited about visiting Blackpool again and happy to meet the new owners but then one of the guests confided in me:

"I love coming here. It's like coming home."

To be honest I was taken by surprise. That comment has little to do with us but is an acknowledgement of everything Roy and Christine have worked for. Clean, comfortable and cosy; friendly and welcoming to all. Yes I am sure there were times when they had to make sure that everyone was happy. Times when things presented challenges but they rose to these and as a result Matthew and I have ownership of a hotel with a heritage.

We are so grateful for their help as we have moved on with the business. I wish them well in their retirement. They were able to let so many people enjoy this very special place and given us a place to be proud of.

Matthew and I both believe that they got it right and although things do move on we value those regulars that have always stayed here. Hence for the next year we will offer those guests a 15% discount.

Either show proof through a receipt or if you don't have one I am sure you can name Christine and Roy's very cute dog... Even I miss that feature of the Cavendish Hotel. :)

Just let us know when you book.

Mike & Matthew