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Coffee Time

Coffee Time

Friday 31st August 2018
Mike - Cavendish Hotel

Here at the Cavendish Hotel we take our reviews very seriously. Back in the day if guests were happy we would only know if they told us or made a repeat booking. Similarly if we could improve something we would have to figure it out for ourselves. But in this digital age everything can be discussed and read by others before they choose to book.

Hence the reviews are paramount in this process. We are delighted that guests take the time to write thoughtful reviews and let us know about their stay. It also gives a clear picture of what a stay with us is like for others.

So imagine my surprise when a guest marked us a 7 on our coffee. It is Gold Blend btw. Well 7 isn't too bad really but maybe they prefer a different make? This got me and Matt thinking and as a result we are pleased to announce that we now offer a choice: the regular Gold Blend or Taylors ground coffee served in an elegant personal cafetiere. Of course there is no additional charge for this.

So as you see we do read all the reviews and we appreciate the time taken to write them. In the end we want your stay to be as comfy and cosy as possible and for me starting my day with with a piping hot coffee and cheking the reviews definitely sets the day off on the right track.