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Up-Grades and Getting the Best for You

Up-Grades and Getting the Best for You

Sunday 24th March 2019
Mike - Cavendish Hotel

At the moment we have nine rooms at the Cavendish Hotel. (2 standard doubles, 1 standard twin, 1 standard single. Then 2 en suite doubles, 1 en suite twin, 1 en suite triple and one en suite quadruple room.) The triple and quadruple are considered as family rooms and they carry a good discount for family groups with children. If they are booked by adults they generally are around £20 pppn.

Keep with me on this one because it is a bit complicated. So we would like to increase our capacity for couples and remain open for family bookings. Cake and eat it? Well not necessarily. Families tend to book well in advance whereas couples often "pop" to Blackpool based on the weather or for a night out etc.

So here's the deal with no promises: If you book through the website or by phone as a couple we will endeavour to allocate you an up-grade to the larger triple en suite room which has a double and a single bed when used by families or three adults. We will take the single bed out when booked by a couple giving you room for a comfortable seating area at no extra charge. It also has a bay window and is on the first rather than second floor. Now please understand that doesn't mean you could roll up with an extra person and get a 3 for 2 price. It is a reward offered for using our website because it frees up our agency bookings to book both en suite doubles giving us the flexibility to take an extra couple when we don't have a family booking.

To summerise: We allocate our rooms 5 days in advance. If the triple en suite is untaken then we will let you know that we are upgrading you as a result :)

We try to please!

[Please note that this offer does not apply to standard rooms and that in the event of two website bookings being considered priority will go to whom-so-ever booked first.]